The weather around here has been beautiful. The birds are out, the sun is shining, and one of my favorite places to be in the summer is at my soon-to-be-in-law’s farm. I love the animals, the land, and just the feeling I get being there. The smell of fresh-cut grass and hay fill your senses […]

So sorry for the lack of posting the past two weeks. So much has been going on, and life has been speeding past. Summer seems to be in full bloom even though it should still be spring, and many trial and error happenings have been coming out of my kitchen. (Mostly error.) I attempted a […]

I really don’t believe we need days like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and the like, to show someone you care for them. We should let the ones we love know how we feel each and every day. Live each moment like it will be your last, and take chances, because “you miss all […]

If anyone is guilty of over-spicing, complicating, and salting food– I would be the culprit. But I am changing, I swear. This, this is the perfect example. Have you ever had the craving for simplicity? To cleanse, and to open up, refresh. After a few days of spring cleaning, and emptying our fridge and pantry […]

This cake is summer in a loaf form. It is light, fruity, and full of flavor. I would reccomend making it the day you want to serve it because of all of the whipped cream. This little dream has a lightly banana scented cake with fresh whipped cream with strawberries and pineapple folded in as […]

Troy and I took off around 6:00pm Wednesday night, and 4 1/2 hours, 3 truck stops, and 2 fast-food meals later–we found ourselves in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This of course was our intention and for a very exciting reason! As of right now, in 18 months we will be packing up all of our crap belongings […]

What happens when you mix The Pioneer Woman and Alton Brown? Probably something like this. With Alton’s rich, decadent brownie recipe and Ree’s super-simple amazingly smooth and dreamy caramel sauce this is what happens. If you don’t like super-sweet-stick-to-your-fingers-and-everything-in-your-kitchen-treats, then don’t make these! ;) Boy do I love recipes that can be whisked into deliciousness […]