Bucket Lists and Good Friends

I’ve never had a bucket list, and I never thought of creating one. I like to live for the moment and let new experiences come as they do, not because I forced them to. In my short 20 years, I feel as though I have done more than some do in 50 years, and sometimes I feel as though I have done half as much as someone who shares the same years as I.

One thing I can say for sure is that I do have a conglomerate of recipes/dishes/concoctions I would love to learn to make/bake/cook some day.

(Ever heard of a cherpumple? Google it.)

One of the things on my imaginary list is sushi. I don’t mean some boring Philadelphia roll, I mean legit-beautiful, tasteful, elegant sushi.

My favorite thing about sushi is the textures and colors. I love the way fish roe coats the top of my mouth while the sticky, chewy rice holds the unlimited possibilities of fishes and sauces. I have yet to try sushi at many different places, partially because I am some-what too lazy to search out new places to eat it-considering the place I go does such an amazing job-at Kyoto on Maple Road in Amherst.

My “go-to” sushi here is the Rock N’ Roll, although the “Sea Scallop Surprise” is a close second. The Rock N’ Roll consists of fish roe, spicy tuna, shrimp, “crunchy”, and a spicy sauce. It is pure heaven-in my opinion, that is.

When this plate first came to my table on my birthday last year, I didn’t even want to eat it-it was so beautifully created, I couldn’t imagine ruining such a pretty dish. After about 10 seconds convincing myself to dig in-I was sold.

My friend Andrea and I devoured this plate over dinner conversation as well as some classic Japanese appetizers that were also to-die-for!

Top Left: Shrimp Shu Mai

Bottom Left: Chicken Teriyaki skewers

Top Right: Tempura Vegetables

It delights me to have a friend who shares my intense love for sushi (and well-prepared food all together), and maybe we can even learn to make this beautiful Japanese art form together.

Do you have any culinary “bucket list” items they want to create some day?


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