Tents, Beaches, and Horses

Ahoy there! I apologize for the lack of posting, my life has been a crazy whirlwind lately, and I am just now able to come up for a little air. With two upcoming weddings (ours, and Troy’s sister’s), starting school again in August, and working three part-time jobs, it is a wonder how a gal like me even has time to get some writing in.

Well, here I am.

Last week was wonderful. Troy, myself, and two of our closest friends packed up in my truck and began our eleven hour road trip. We passed through Pennsylvania and Delaware before arriving in our destination state-Maryland. If you have a love for the outdoors, and the ocean, or horses and wildlife, you have to make the trip to Assateague Island, Maryland. I think my word of the week was “magical”. As we were driving into the state park my friend Andrea says to me, “I really hope we get to see a pony this week.” Boy were we unaware of what a week we were about to have.

We thought it was funny when the neighbors next to us were bombarded by horses that ate all of their breakfast cereal while nursing a foal. Until the next night, after Andrea and I spent over $10 on fresh fruit at a small road-side market, the same group of ponies broke into our hidden food bins and ate all of it and our hamburger buns-bag and all! Don’t worry though, those smart-ass horses knew better and left all of the peach pits all over our camp, like a slap in the face. Funny.

The next night while making dinner, another group of horses decided to visit our site and while I was making a box of macaroni and cheese a mother horse came over to me, bombarded our table and scooped up the cheese packed in her large lip and devoured the entire thing, packaging and all in about 10 seconds. Damn.

The ponies were beautiful, despite their appetite for our dinners. We spent many hours at the beach while on the island, and while we were there we encountered dozens of horses, four or five dolphins, 2 stingrays, and a sand shark.

These horses made us laugh, a lot. It seemed as though they knew everyone was taking their picture and they wanted to pose for us.

The boys played catch on the beach while we sun bathed. Gosh he is a cutie, isn’t he? ;)

We spent a day crabbing with crab nets, hooks, and chicken necks. It was so interesting. Unlike fishing, the crabs are never harmed in the process. The crabs begin eating the chicken, and you quickly pull up your basket or hook and catch them in a net before they let go of their meal.

In Maryland, a crab’s shell must be 5″ across to be taken for consumption. Between the four of us, we caught seven big enough to take.

We picked up some crab boil seasoning, apple cider vinegar, beer, and potatoes at the farm market and had ourselves a messy, crab-filled lunch.

We spent a day in Ocean City, Maryland-only 10 minutes away. We walked along the boardwalk, and did a lot of “people-watching”. We ate french fries, and talked about life. It was a beautiful day.

(Photo courtesy of Michael, and his cell phone.)

Our five-day, five night vacation was just what everyone needed to get away from our busy working lives. We will have these memories and stories to tell for years and years. I am normally not a huge fan of the beach, and hot weather, but this is a trip I plan on taking more than once again in my lifetime. We are already planning our trip back next summer! I highly suggest this vacation to any adventurous souls out there, I promise-you won’t be disappointed.

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