Not a Post About Pizza…

So… there was pizza. There was really, really, yummy pizza. BUT–there will be no post about this pizza–yet. I didn’t get to make this mouth-watering creation until about…11pm last night. I was cranky. Troy was cranky. There are no pictures, so there is no post. However,it will be posted shortly–I promise.

So yesterday I went on a little spending spree. Let me just say the UPS/FEDEX man will not be out of a job this week. After recieving my acceptance letter to Buffalo State–I realized that I needed to get some tools. I was going to wait–but since starting this –I knew I could use the tools sooner. Here is a sneak preview of some of my pretty new toys!!




AND there was a little sweet talking and Troy gave me his upgrade (mines is up in September and his phone is in way better condition than mine was!) and I finally got this!

Also, I may or may not have gotten my “hair did” ;)  from the amazing Lauren, some new perfume (my fav!) and some shoes (summer is coming!), OOH! and a backpack ([mine is solid black] Its for school–I swear!!)

So–needless to say there will be some major posting and photo taking, as well as never seeing my friends again until the end of summer–because I will be working my tail-end off to pay for these toys tools.

I still can not thank my amazing coral-loving  friend Kelly and her boyfriend Mark enough for all of their help in my technical confusion. ;)

Speaking of technical confusion… I accidentaly deleted almost all of my posts, so if you are subscribed to my blog I apologize about the re-posting of some of my posts. Others will come again shortly, but thank you for not getting too annoyed with me! :)



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