Easter is just around the corner…

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog!

I am looking forward to this Easter weekend, even though I am not of Christian faith. To me Easter is about getting together with family and celebrating spring time and of course– great food. This Sunday I will be looking forward to oven-baked ham with my mother’s home-made,creamy, artery-clogging Au Gratin potatoes (YUM!), and possibly a delicious cake I have planned to make. As always I am making dessert!

Look for my next post this weekend-I will be making a Lemon-layer cake for Easter dinner.

The Girl With the Cupcake Tattoo



  1. Lanora · · Reply

    Good job Rachel sounds good do far keep it up! And the lemon cake sounds delish!

  2. I love anything lemon…just saying in case there is enough to go around!

  3. Look forward to reading your blog…hope to see pictures of your cake!!!!

  4. Cindy jolbert · · Reply

    I love the blog and we loved the lemon cake!


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